“HestiaLabs is a technical and legal support for our collective”, explains Jessica Pidoux

Researcher Jessica Pidoux created the Dating Privacy data collective to understand and improve the management of users' personal data by dating applications. In a long interview published on the project's blog, she details the project's objectives and explains why HestiaLabs is the right partner to achieve them. Excerpt.

by Charles Foucault-Dumas published on 02 June 2021

Jessica Pidoux/Photo: Le Temps


What is the role of HestiaLabs in your collective?

With its expertise in privacy and its technical skills, HestiaLabs is a support structure for Dating Privacy. HestiaLabs has already developed subject access request (SAR) generators. These tools simplify and automate the process of data reappropriation by users, giving them the means to defend their interests. The aim of this collaboration is also that HestiaLabs can reuse the developments and knowledge created by Dating Privacy to help other data collectives. HestiaLabs also has an international network of experts from different backgrounds that help us answer legal and engineering questions.

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