We create a new relationship to personal data

The problem we solve

Artificial intelligence is changing the world. This revolution must benefit the many and not the few. For this to happen, individuals and organisations must be able to understand the algorithms behind the digital services they provide data to and what they get in return.

This paradigm shift will only be possible by building sustainable and trusted bridges between the people willing to share their data for a specific purpose and those with the know-how to achieve these goals. This led us to the creation of what we call “data collectives”.

Our strategy

Small shifts in personal habits lead to major societal changes. People need concrete examples to understand the power of the data they generate. To prime the pump, HestiaLabs helps those who are already ready to reinvent our data future. For free.

We support community projects around personal data collectives. We put our skills (technical, legal, advocacy) and networks at their disposal.

Join us

You have a meaningful project in mind that requires data? Happy to help! HestiaLabs supports you in creating the data collective and the community of people willing to share their data for your project (the data sharers). For free!

Partners we can trust

We are very grateful to those who believe in us since the beginning, especially the Migros Pioneer Fund. They allow us to carry out our public interest mission with the rigour (and time!) necessary to properly accomplish this complex work.

Running projects

Photo by Alexander Sinn on Unsplash

Dating Privacy

Dating Privacy aims to understand how dating applications work, in particular how data is collected and processed, and how this affects interactions between users (who is introduced to whom).

The project also provides dating apps users with a tool to visualize and understand the dating apps data ecosystem and its exploitation.

In a first phase, this project will focus on the relevance of geolocation data.

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For-hire drivers

We help drivers of on-demand platforms to get their data back and use it effectively for personal and collective interest. Cities are interested in this data as well.

Photo by United Nations COVID-19 Response

The Eyeballs

We get lots of information thrown at us all day. Some is targeted, some is amplified. Together we can explore the logics of platform in driving our engagement, to get a better handle on the consequences.

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Data is key for optimising mobility solutions. When passengers use multiple services in a single journey, it makes sense to start looking at the data ecosystem from that individual’s perspective.

What happens when we combine forces? Let’s find out!

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Data Literacy

How is our data used? This is becoming a very important question to address. In this project we build training materials based on real life examples. Our focus is on the continuing improvement of these materials and the participatory nature of the effort.

News and events

The Eyeballs, the collective that reveals the hidden side of the web

HestiaLabs took advantage of this summer to join a second project: The Eyeballs. A new collective to explore the means used by platforms to get our attention and engagement. And influence us.

Linda Bendali, journalist for Cash Investigation / Photo credit: France.tv

Linda Bendali:“The more we exercise the right of access to our personal data, the easier it will be to exercise it”

Member of Elise Lucet's team for the famous France 2 programme “Cash investigation”, Linda Bendali created a stir in France and beyond with her investigation entitled “Our personal data is worth gold!”. For this report, the journalist approached the founder of HestiaLabs to ask 40 companies for the data they had on her. One month after the first broadcast (20 May 2021), she looks back on the shockwaves caused by her work and invites everyone to continue it by asking, as she did, for access to their data.

Photo by Jeremy Zero

Why we should all request our personal data

Requests for personal data are the first step in building a new digital world, more respectful of your privacy. That is why HestiaLabs encourages and empowers you to make more of them.

Jessica Pidoux/Photo: Le Temps

“HestiaLabs is a technical and legal support for our collective”, explains Jessica Pidoux

Researcher Jessica Pidoux created the Dating Privacy data collective to understand and improve the management of users' personal data by dating applications. In a long interview published on the project's blog, she details the project's objectives and explains why HestiaLabs is the right partner to achieve them. Excerpt.