A short story about us

The work of HestiaLabs' founder (the mathematician Paul-Olivier Dehaye) led to the revelation of the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal (2018) and the writing of "Love under Algorithm", a book deconstructing Tinder's algorithm (2019).

“Paul-Olivier Dehaye is today one of the best experts on this issue in the world. His aim is not to climb this kind of summit any further. Rather to contribute to the emergence of solutions and instruments likely to bring about change”, wrote Paris-Match. He built a team of developers, analysts, communicators, and created HestiaLabs to do so.


Paul-Olivier Dehaye

Paul-Olivier is a mathematician by training who became interested in the role of personal data in society. He has most notably helped uncover the Cambridge Analytica scandal. He has led the NGO PersonalData.io and sits on the board of MyData Global. He is the CEO of Hestia.ai, the company running the HestiaLabs project.


Charles Foucault-Dumas

A science journalist and writer, Charles launched the media L'Usine Digitale before heading the NGO Empowerment Foundation for a human-centered digital world. He joined HestiaLabs in January 2021 as Head of Communications.

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Andreas Kündig

Andreas Kündig is an economist by training, a software developer, and a comic book author. Since March 2021, he has been using at least one of these skills to drive HestiaLabs forward. Andreas has worked in a wide range of industries and organisations, including two early-stage tech startups.


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How it started — how it's going

March 2018

Paul-Olivier Dehaye helps uncover the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal.

July 2019

The Netflix documentary "The Great Hack" about the massive theft of personal data for electoral purposes send shockwaves around the world and triggers a click in Paul-Olivier Dehaye's head.

April 2021

Launch of HestiaLabs to build a new digital world where users keep control of their personal data.

June 2021

You join us as a partner, a project leader, or a data sharer and start turning the digital world around.