We support data collectives

What is a data collective?

A data collective brings together all the actors able to transform a project based on personal data into a successful vector of individual, collective and social change (read also about the 4 steps to change the world):

  • The Lead partner defines the objectives and mobilises data sharers
  • Data sharers volunteer to share their data to push this project forward
  • Academic partners co-create knowledge and approve the results
  • Media partners amplify the impact of the outputs
  • Sponsors endorse the project and support it financially
  • HestiaLabs offers tools and world-class expertise

What HestiaLabs does

HestiaLabs supports individuals or organisations wishing to launch virtuous projects involving personal data. For free.

  • We help project leader find partners to build a sustainable and ever growing data collective for their project (as described above)
  • We make the project visible and attractive with a turnkey website
  • We assist the project leader in recruiting volunteers/peers to participate in the project (data sharers)
  • We process the data collected (in a privacy-friendly manner)
  • We advise the project leader on how to communicate the results obtained in order to amplify their impact

What HestiaLabs doesn’t do

  • We do not appropriate data
  • We do not share data (we help you share the knowledge created)
  • We do not sell data

The projects backed by HestiaLabs bring people together to build and learn things by pooling their data. We help you share the results with journalists, researchers and civil society so that these innovations and knowledge benefit society as a whole.

Your project

So? What about your idea? Do you believe that, in your field, data producers (you, me, them, everybody) should be able to decide which of their data are used and for what purpose?

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