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Jessica Pidoux in «Le Temps»

Jessica Pidoux, l'algorithme de Tinder dans la peau

Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

HestiaLabs takes off

The foundation stone for a new digital world where users take back control of their data is being laid today.

Robin Born, Project Leader People & digitalisation for Migros Pioneer Fund / Photo credit: Migros Pioneer Fund

“People will just use HestiaLabs and invent”, says the project leader for the Migros Pioneer Fund

“A lot of projects need the skills that HestiaLabs has.” When asked what made him invite HestiaLabs to be part of the “courageous projects” supported by the Migros Pioneer Fund, Robin Born insists on the competences that carry the initiative.

Convinced that new technical achievements must be used for the benefit of society, the head of the People & digitalization programme of the development fund counts on Hestialabs to bring out data-based innovations. He also sees in HestiaLabs the possibility of a healthier and more competitive digital world.

Paul-Olivier Dehaye, HestiaLabs'founder, at a data governance conference organized by the University of Geneva. Photo: Alain Herzog.

“HestiaLabs puts our skills at the service of virtuous data entrepreneurs”, explains Paul-Olivier Dehaye

In 2017, mathematician Paul-Olivier Dehaye rattled Facebook by revealing how the company Cambridge Analytica had soaked up the personal data of millions of users of the social network in order to influence their votes in the US presidential election.

Now based in Geneva, this graduate of the prestigious Stanford University has launched HestiaLabs. His objective: that everyone can choose, with full knowledge of the facts, by whom their data is used and for what purpose. His method: to put his skills and those of his team at the service of virtuous projects in order to bring out alternatives that respect personal data. Here are some explanations.

Photo by Mel Poole

Why the world needs data collectives

HestiaLabs wants to change the world with “data collectives” so that you can (finally!) choose who you share your data with, and for what purpose. Be a part of this movement towards a new digital paradigm.

The Eyeballs, the collective that reveals the hidden side of the web

HestiaLabs took advantage of this summer to join a second project: The Eyeballs. A new collective to explore the means used by platforms to get our attention and engagement. And influence us.