Stories about Data rights

René Mahieudoctoral researcher at the Research Group on Law Science, Technology and Society of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB)

Data protection expert comments on Uber trial verdict

“A driver’s interest in knowing why he or she was fired is more important than Uber’s interest in protecting its secrecy.”

Photo by Jeremy Zero

Why we should all request our personal data

Requests for personal data are the first step in building a new digital world, more respectful of your privacy. That is why HestiaLabs encourages and empowers you to make more of them.

Linda Bendali, journalist for Cash Investigation / Photo credit:

Linda Bendali:“The more we exercise the right of access to our personal data, the easier it will be to exercise it”

Member of Elise Lucet's team for the famous France 2 programme “Cash investigation”, Linda Bendali created a stir in France and beyond with her investigation entitled “Our personal data is worth gold!”. For this report, the journalist approached the founder of HestiaLabs to ask 40 companies for the data they had on her. One month after the first broadcast (20 May 2021), she looks back on the shockwaves caused by her work and invites everyone to continue it by asking, as she did, for access to their data.