Stories about Data collectives

Infographics by Charles Foucault-Dumas and Clara Janossy

5 key actors for impactful data collectives

HestiaLabs supports meaningful projects based on personal data in creating the data collectives and the community of people willing to share their data to help them achieve their goals (the data sharers).

Data sharers are obviously at the heart of these ecosystems, without them there would be no project. In orbit around them, five key players must work together to give these projects the desired individual, collective and social impact.

Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel on Unsplash

Personal data and public space: don't trip on the curb!

Pavements are a key issue in the digitalisation of the world. We need to seize it collectively. Else, others will do it without our knowledge and at the expense of our privacy.

The Eyeballs, the collective that reveals the hidden side of the web

HestiaLabs took advantage of this summer to join a second project: The Eyeballs. A new collective to explore the means used by platforms to get our attention and engagement. And influence us.

Our "social networks" and "dating applications" workshops are very attractive worlds